About the instructor

Bo Gort (3rd dan black belt) has been practicing karate for seventeen years. She started training in her native country of The Netherlands and when she moved to Dublin, Ireland, she joined the JKS to start training with Scott Langley (6th dan) at the Hombu Dojo.

As a member of the Irish national squad she fought in both the European and the World championships and trained in Japan at the JKS head quarters. She became a full time instructor at the Dublin Hombu Dojo in 2008 and set up many successful classes there. She has recently relocated to the UK to set up Canterbury Karate as well as enjoy the beautiful countryside and the fresh air.

Canterbury Karate Club is an affliated member of the HDKI (Hombu Dojo Karate International). For more information about this organization please have a look at their website:


About Canterbury Karate

At Canterbury Karate the focus is on building skills, fitness and confidence in a friendly, safe and fun environment.

Classes are open to everyone. Kids and adults of all ages and all levels of ability are welcome.

The first TWO classes are free so why not just drop in and give it a go?

Classes for kids

We offer classes for kids for 5 years old. In these fun classes your child will explore Karate movements through games, exercises and teamwork. Great for balance, coordination and discipline, these classes will be a great asset to your child’s development.

When your child is a little older they can start learning the techniques and forms (kata) in a little more detail. We will also practice some sparring in a controlled and safe manner.

Classes for adults

Karate is not just for kids. Adult classes are hugely varied and provide a great whole body workout. In the adult classes we focus on  traditional techniques and kata (forms), practical self defense and sparring as well as general fitness, flexibility and body conditioning.

Private classes are also available.

Shotokan Karate in Canterbury


Summer Timetable:


St. Mary Bredin Church:



Chilham Sports Hall


Both these classes are mixed and open to all levels of experience. 

Wednesday's and Friday's classes will be suspended for August.

Happy holidays!! 

Great news!! I have finally managed to complete the grading syllabus videos. This set of roughly 80 videos (containing all the moves, kata and sparring sequences) you will need to know until black belt is now available for only £10. Please contact me for your copy...


Gradings are held every three to four months and are great for ensuring that your child (or you) continues to feel motivated and has a rewarding sense of progress and achievement.