Shotokan Karate in Canterbury


Summer Timetable:


St. Mary Bredin Church:



Chilham Sports Hall


Both these classes are mixed and open to all levels of experience. 

Wednesday's and Friday's classes will be suspended for August.

Happy holidays!! 

Great news!! I have finally managed to complete the grading syllabus videos. This set of roughly 80 videos (containing all the moves, kata and sparring sequences) you will need to know until black belt is now available for only £10. Please contact me for your copy...

What other parents have to say:

Thank you very much for an amazing and inspiring year. For your passion and dedication. Your classes are a source of strength and energy for my son. Karate gave him an opportunity to spread his wings! You have created a friendly environment where everything is possible and barriers do not exist.


My boys love sensei Bo's classes. She makes them lots of fun. While still challenging them to improve their stances and skills.


My daughter has been attending Canterbury Karate  for a year and a half and loves it! Bo is a super instructor. She is extremely welcoming and friendly, and has lots of patience with the children she teaches. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good workout, learn some self-defence and have fun!


Welcome to Canterbury Karate Club

Ideal for improving coordination and concentration, Shotokan karate is a great way for both children and adults to develop physical and mental strength. Apart from the obvious self-defense benefits, skills learned during karate training will have a huge positive impact on your (or your child's) life and will help grow self-esteem, respect and kindness as well as increase overall fitness and health.